Based at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida, Cancer Ecology is a small research group led by David Basanta. We are mathematical modellers who work with biologists and clinicians, trying to understand the ecology of tumors and the evolutionary dynamics of cancer progression and resistance to treatment.

Nature papers and reviews

For those of you interested in Cancer (and I assume that if you read this blog then that is probably the case), check out Nature's special "New horizon's in cancer". Sounds interesting and hopefully it will be as good as Science's Cancer research special back in May. It looks a little bit too centered in molecular biology but that is what most of the readership of Nature would want.

The website is here:

For those of you without access to Nature's subscription-only website, here is a free article in the collection:

*additionally* you might want to take a look at some article that some guys in London and I have worked on. It is not about cancer but about evolution: how evolution can bring about robustness.

The name of the paper is "The evolution of robust homeostasis and stem cell-like behaviour in artificial multicellular organisms" and you can find it here:

Take a look if you have the time and even a mild interest in computational evolution. It is also written in a very readable style (thanks to Buzz).

Scientists find molecule that tricks cancer cells into dying

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