Based at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida, Cancer Ecology is a small research group led by David Basanta. We are mathematical modellers who work with biologists and clinicians, trying to understand the ecology of tumors and the evolutionary dynamics of cancer progression and resistance to treatment.

A non-specialist view on systems biology

Not much time for postings since my group will go on their annual retreat to the mountains of Sächsische Schweiz. With some luck I should be able to tell the group about how a spatial method of game theory could be used to study some aspects of tumour invasion.

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In any case, the topic today is systems biology. I normally take a look at the non scientific press to see what science is reported and how is it reported. A couple of weeks ago, The Economist reported about Systems biology in an interesting article. Systems biology is for me one of these concepts that is difficult to describe accurately but easy to say Yeah, I know what you mean with that when someone tries to describe it. The description in the article is not going to change all that but the examples (like that of Denis Noble at Oxford) are interesting and described in an engaging way.

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