Based at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida, Cancer Ecology is a small research group led by David Basanta. We are mathematical modellers who work with biologists and clinicians, trying to understand the ecology of tumors and the evolutionary dynamics of cancer progression and resistance to treatment.

Evo Devo videopodcast at

I use iTunes to subscribe to a number of audio and video podcast from several sources (including Nature and Science) like the New York Times. This time the NYT podcast comes from the Science section and the topic could not be much more exciting: Evo Devo (Evolution + Development). The video podcast can be downloaded with iTunes but I also found the website to watch it online here [related article?] [related article?] [related discussion?]

I worked on evodevo for a while in my previous research and I am still quite interested (maybe I will keep working on it in the near future). Even in my current research that focuses on the somatic evolution of cancer, evo devo is a the answer to the question of why do we have cancer?. Cancer is the result of a developmental programme gone wrong (by a few cells) and if there is any reason that our development programme does not cope with issues like a fault-proof, that reason is likely to be evolutionary (we do want a system in which mutations leading to new phenotypes can appear, otherwise no adaptation, otherwise competitive disadvantage with other species).

Nice to see appetising video podcasts like this in mainstream media.

Public debate on complexity and evolution

Public debate on complexity and evolution

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